Custom Lax Shorts

Create Custom Lax Shorts

Custom lax shorts from Lightning Wear®.  The shorts pictured below are on the way to our friends in Hicksville New York.  Custom lacrosse shorts can be simple like these with the school logo and your choice of a printed side panel in any color or design.  As well, they can be designed with crazy prints, colors and enlarged designs. The orange and black of the side panels really draw out the logo and make it pop.

Custom Lax Shorts
Custom Lax Shorts

Long Island Lacrosse Gear

If you have ever visited Hicksville or any of the surrounding areas near it, you will know that it is far from what you would think based on the name.  It is a hopping area with lots of activities and great places to be.  In general, Long Island is known for producing some of the greatest lacrosse players to ever make it out on the field.

In fact, many Maryland players complain to this day that they do not get the college looks or attention that our Yankee friends do in the sport. Ever college roster you see in the sports for both mens and womens lacrosse has their fair share of great LI and surrounding NY players.  Thank God for them.  We make girls lacrosse shorts in tons of colors and styles to choose.

Make Your Own Custom Lax Shorts

Today we remember on 9/11 all of the great people that sacrificed their life our country. You will never be forgotten. We are proud to say that all of our lacrosse gear is Made in the USA. Everything you see on our site is made to order by Americans. We ship our team uniforms all over the world. Thank you for your support.  When you are ready to order your custom lax shorts, give us a call.