Custom Lax Pinnies

Make Custom Lax Pinnies

Check out these Custom lax pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  

custom lax pinnies
custom lax pinnies

These sparkly ones are going out to Jade and her homies. Thanks for the order. Enjoy the intoxication.  What you are seeing in this post right here is some vintage Lightning Wear.  These are some of the first double hemmed bottoms that we ever made for our pinnies.  From time to time I will go and update posts that I see lacking content.

The  neon green and pink reversible jerseys you see pictured were screen printed with custom three color logos and a two color name and number on the back.  If I remember correctly these jerseys were for a bachelorette party.  Since the time we made these we have moved to a bigger and better printing process called dye sublimation.  Be sure to check it out with some of our other posts.