Custom Lacrosse Uniform

Create Custom Lacrosse Uniform

Get your custom lacrosse uniform from Lightning Wear.  I don’t know where you are from, but recently where we are here in Maryland there have been some pretty magnificent storms.  We hope everyone in our area was okay from yesterdays latest downpour.

custom lacrosse uniform
custom lacrosse uniform

Lacrosse Reversible Jerseys

Here goes some awesome custom lacrosse uniforms to the Storm team from Wheaton Illinois.  Thanks for the great order and have a great summer season.  We also made dye sublimated lacrosse shorts and a loose fitting shooter shirt for the boys as well.  In all, for around $80 the team was outfitted like professionals.  The standard question that most buyers want to know is how long do these uniforms last.  The honest answer is three to four years.  I received a call today from a team in New Jersey that ordered almost five yeas ago.  They added some replacements and said that the guys and gals were still wearing their uniforms.  I would of thought that the kids would have grown out of them by now but it sounds like they make them turn the kits in at the end of season.

However you want to handle the distribution, these things are made to last.  Most teams like handing these out for keeps because it is good advertisement for their clubs.  Either way we are here to provide you with the best custom lacrosse uniform in the game.