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Shop custom jerseys lacrosse from Lightning Wear.  Here goes a set of crushing orange crush lacrosse jerseys to a local team playing in an upcoming tournament.  Good luck to you guys.  Hope you crush it!  The orange crush team wanted to show off their sunny look with some fresh new jerseys.  We worked with their coaches and came up with a truly amazing design and product.

Get your custom lacrosse reversibles sublimated or screen printed only from Lightning Wear Apparel.  Made with care in Kensington, Maryland.

custom jerseys lacrosse
custom jerseys lacrosse








Sublimated Lacrosse Reversibles

We loved working with the customer on this one.  He came up with some very creative ideas with several renditions and ideas thrown across the design table. The result was a spectacular set of sublimated lacrosse reversibles  which I am told were the talk of the tournament. Unlike many of the resellers and overseas manufacturers, Lightning Wear staffs full time artists that can help you come up with a design idea for your custom lacrosse uniforms that you will be satisfied with.  Made to order in the USA.

The growing demand for a state side reliable jersey manufacturer keeps us on our toes.  It is importantly that our quality does not suffer in our commitment to be the best.  Our seamstress and art production staff stand ready to serve.  The team constantly works on better ways to improve our quality and designs.  Ten years ago we were making mesh pinnies with screen printed logos that we crafted in a basement.  Now we have more mouths to feed and more customers to deliver our gear to.  But even more difficult is the constant strive to deliver on time.  The bigger the equipment and production levels, the bigger the workload.  We are extremely thankful for the customers that have grown with us over the years.  We make Custom jerseys lacrosse or any sport jerseys.