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Custom Girls Skorts – Womens Lacrosse Skorts

Make Custom Girls Skorts

Custom girls skorts from Lightning Wear®.  Did you know that we manufacture custom lacrosse skorts here at Lightning Wear?

custom girls skorts
custom girls skorts

They are not on our site yet, but we are capable of making custom skirts or custom skorts with or without the inner compression shorts lining.  We print, cut and sew all of our gear in house, not overseas.  This means that you can design skorts or skirts any way you want.  Add team logos, names, a cool print or a picture of your favorite player.  Here goes a fancy camo set to some ladies in Baltimore Maryland.  We hope you have a great summer of lacrosse in your new skorts.   Field hockey skorts too!

Custom Lacrosse Skirts

Custom lacrosse skirts can be designed any way you want them.  Skirts, unlike skorts, do not have a compression shorts lining underneath.  They are priced slightly less than the skort.  Call us for team pricing and information.  Custom girls skorts are made in the USA of light weight dimple mesh material.  They are made of elastic drawstring.