Custom Futsal Jerseys

Make Custom Futsal Jerseys

Check out these Custom futsal jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  I haven’t played organized soccer since before high school but there are a lot of people in our company that have, including one of our guys that played on Blackpool Englands team a couple of moons ago.  He comes in early on the weekends to make sure he catches the premier league games for the weekend.  In time, the sport of futsal ( a derivative of soccer using a smaller ball) has really taken storm.  Attached is a pic of some custom futsal jerseys we did for a pretty big club.

The team worked with our artists to come up with a long sleeved shooter shirt with their custom sleeve designs, logos and numbers.  The team did three types of jerseys.  The majority were for the players.  And then they did a batch for the coaches and another set for the goalies.  With the help of our in house dye sublimation process, we were really able to capture what they were looking for and turn out a fantastic product for them.  Thank you team Forge for the great order.  Good luck with the futsal season.

custom futsal jerseys
custom futsal jerseys

Lightning Wear Custom Soccer Uniforms

Lightning Wear custom soccer uniforms are ready for action in any condition or weather.  Be sure to check out our soccer design ideas section for your custom soccer jerseys and soccer shorts.  We also do soccer warm up long sleeve shirts and soccer hoodies for the really cold games.  We also make sweatpants upon special request.  Call us and we can work with your team to develop a great design.  It only take a day to make your design idea a reality.  We make kits for teams all over the globe and would love to have your team wearing our soccer uniforms.