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Custom Boys Basketball Uniforms

Create Custom Boys Basketball Uniforms

Custom Boys Basketball Uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Check out these custom Duke inspired boys basketball jerseys and boys basketball shorts we made for Dr. Causey and crew.  The Causey’s do an incredible job helping less fortunate kids.  They sponsor and support a youth basketball program for kids from all over North Carolina.  We made sublimated jerseys and shorts with a very special blue design.  Each jersey had custom names and numbers.  The shorts had the custom logo with a really great side accent.

The sizes for our tops and bottoms range from youth extra small to youth extra large.  Then it goes Adult small to adult 5 xl.  All sizes are individual so there are no mix sizes.  We recommend that you go off of your regular t shirt size for jerseys. More information is available in the site sizing chart.  Call us today for any sizing for design questions.

custom boys basketball uniforms
custom boys basketball uniforms

How Are Sublimated Uniforms Made?

How are sublimated uniforms made is a pretty frequent question we receive.  Most people see the different designs and looks that we put on the site and want to know one thing.  How are they made?  For starters, the design and pattern of these jerseys and basketball shorts are printed on special paper with special inks.  Then the printed paper is put through a high temperature machine where the ink is dyed in to our fabric.  But what most people do not realize is that the fabric is cut sewn then printed.  Jerseys are not pre made or hatched like an egg.   All of our custom boys basketball uniforms are made from scratch.



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