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Custom Blue Lacrosse Shorts

Mens Lacrosse Shorts

Custom blue lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear.  Here goes a killer set of sublimated shorts to our pals in Fairport Massachusetts.  Thanks for the great order of custom lax shorts.  We work 7 days a week to make sure that you get the greatest looking gear on the planet.  The bottoms pictured have a drawstring waistband and large sized pockets on each side.  The pirate skull design and red side panel accents on the short really help spruce the look of these bad boys.  I wish that they had these when I was playing lacrosse as a young lad.

custom blue lacrosse shorts
custom blue lacrosse shorts


How do I get my design to look like this? is a pretty standard call we receive about daily here at Lightning Wear.  Many times, we get calls from our great customers stating that they have found a design on our blog but cannot seem design it on our custom uniforms builder.  In this instance, they are absolutely correct.  Our builder is great for rather basic designs, unless you are super tech savy and have some artistic ability.  This does not mean that they cannot be made.  It simply means that you have to reach out to one of our happy helpful on staff artists for a full rendition of your design.  You can easily base you custom idea off of one of our custom lacrosse shorts you have seen on ours or any other site on the globe.  We can change or alter the design to your teams name or logo.  The shorts come in adult and kids sizing for girls and guys.  You can order one pair, or 10,000.

The only favor that we ask is that if you are only ordering one, please just use the site builder to avoid taking too much time of our artists.  Thanks for reading this post.