Custom Bar Mitzvah Lacrosse Shorts

Design Custom Bar Mitzvah  Lacrosse Shorts

Here goes a great set of custom Bar Mitzvah lacrosse shorts to our friends in New York.  Good luck on the special event and thank you for choosing Lightning Wear for your custom shorts purchase. Checker board prints are definitely going to be a summer spectacular.  We use a very soft polyester material for all of our products.  It is special because it allows for the dyes of

custom bar mitzvah lacrosse shorts
custom bar mitzvah lacrosse shorts

As you may be able to see by the short logo, the AND and the date below signifies a very important date for a special person.  These shorts were made as a bar mitzvah party favor.  Talk about a nice looking and very generous gift.

These dye sublimated shorts have a side checker panel on each end and a royal blue body.  The comment we heard from the custom was “sick”. We work with the graphic artist to come up with a truly amazing product.  I am sure that these were a big hit at the celebration.

If you have an event or fundraiser that you would like to make custom team shorts for, give us a call.  We can help you with a unique custom design that we promise to be a hit.  Indeed, there are many options when planning for a special occasion. First and foremost you need to figure out what type of budget you are working with.  The shorts pictured above are definitely on the high end of the scale for this type of occasion.  They usually run around $30-35 per short depending on the quantity.  Feel free to let us know where you are at in the budget so we can help in any way we can. We want our Custom Bar Mitzvah Lacrosse Shorts or other party items to be a part of your special day.