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College Lax Pinnies

Custom College Lax Pinnies

Make your own college lax pinnies from Lightning Wear.  

college lax pinnies
college lax pinnies

If you are a college team that is looking for custom pinnies for your team or just a big event, give us a shout.  We can design custom jerseys for whatever you need.  We use dye sublimation technology.  This allows for all over printing and unlimited colors.  If you want shadowed or outlined numbers, we have you covered.  This also means that you can do one hundred logos all over the jersey short or shirt and not have a worry.

Lacrosse Shorts

You can also add custom lacrosse shorts in a set for all of your team mates or pals.  We make uniforms in girls and boys styles.  Our normal production time really depends on our season.  Lacrosse seasons are usually at the end of the summer for fall ball.  Then we get crazy again in January for all of the well planned teams.  We like to say that our normal production time is about three weeks but sometimes it can run in to four or five.

If you have a date or time in mind that you need your custom college lax pinnies or anything for just give us a call.  We are usually pretty helpful when it comes to meeting your deadlines.  But please keep in mind that there is time and preparation required for production of your goods.  Some people seem to think that we hatch this stuff out like an egg.

Amazon Theory

Around here we call it the Amazon theory.  People think that because they order something and get it the next day from Amazon, that we should follow the same production and fulfillment schedule.  This is unfortunately not how we operate.  Everything you see on our site is cut sewn and printed to order in Maryland USA.  Like I previously mentioned we are always here to help.  Please just know that we require some time to make this stuff.  But if you are truly in a rush, we do offer a 25% rush service fee.  Make sure to check that out.  Thanks for reading this post on college lax pinnies.