Coast Guard Pinnies

American Coast Guard Pinnies

Here goes a schnazzy set of Coast Guard Pinnies to our pals in New London, Connecticut.

coast guard pinnies
coast guard pinnies

You will easily stand out on the boat or on the field. These are proudly made in our Kensington, Maryland factory.  My son asked me the other day what the coast guard does.  As a seven year old, he is always asking brilliant questions that usually require a lot of thought.  Without hesitation, I told him that basically they keep out coast lines safe.  I know there is much much more to what these great men and women do to protect our country.  But I was sitting on a beach with a few adult beverages in me and at the time that is what I came up with.

So cheers to those that serve and protect our great nation. We hope that you love our American flag jerseys as much as we do.  Cheers also to the managers of lacrosse teams for putting up with the day to day antics of crazy lacrosse players.