Christmas Lacrosse Uniforms

Make Christmas Lacrosse Uniforms

Christmas lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Sorry I have not posted in a few days.  I have been very busy with the holidays getting our production in line and geared up to speed.  I figured I definitely needed to post this cool set of Santa’s little helpers in some sweet Stale Fruitcake pinnies and lacrosse shorts on the way to Parkville, Missouri.  We are seeing a lot of Christmas lacrosse uniforms hit the cutting floor.  If you are playing in a tournament and need some gear, give us a call and we can get things working for you.  Also, if you need some gift ideas, check us out for stocking stuffers or holiday treats.

The youth lacrosse shorts were striped with the teams numbers on the bottom left and a cool logo.  The striped just like everything else you see are dyed in to the fabric.  You can choose any color striped, patterns camouflage, argyle, checker or whatever you think of.  Indeed you will be the talk of your tournament when you show up in the coolest lax uniforms on the planet.

christmas lacrosse uniforms
christmas lacrosse uniforms


Sublimated LaX Uniforms

Subliamted lax uniforms can have any design pattern or style on them. The Stale Fruitcakes chose some very cool red and white stripe sublimated lacrosse uniforms shorts and a top with the signature Santa laxin jersey.  If you notice on the back, they added the United Real Estate logo.  With sublimation, you can expand your reach and add whatever team or sponsor logos you want.  What better way to raise funds for your team or club then to showcase the local sponsor including restaurants, realty companies or any other small business. Many of the teams we work with add bar names, realtors, attrorneys, bail bondsmen, you name it.

On a side note, prayers go out for peace in Missouri.