Chick Filet Pinnies

Custom Chick Filet Pinnies

Cow Print Pinnies – Youth Pinnies

Chick Filet Pinnies and Cow Print Pinnies from Lightning Wear.  Special thanks to Jay V for sending us this pic of him standing outside Chick Filet. Friday was free meal day if you dressed up like a cow. Thanks for the pic!


chick filet pinnies
chick filet pinnies


I know my kids are extremely excited to see a new Chick Filet coming to Olney Maryland.  IF you need custom jerseys or custom basketball shorts, give us a shout.

Cow Print Lacrosse Shorts

Get your cow print lacrosse shorts and cow print shorts in any design or colors.  If you do not see them on our site, be sure to contact us and we can design a pair of sublimated shorts for you.  We have youth shorts and youth pinnies along with adult ones.  We have a huge variety of youth lacrosse uniforms for you to choose from on the blog.   If you are not the creative type, we have on site graphic artists that can draw you up something also.  Just give us a call and we can help you navigate your order.