Checker Board Lacrosse Shorts – Hounds Tooth Lax Shorts

Design Checker Board Lacrosse Shorts – Hounds Tooth Lax Shorts

Checker Board Lacrosse Shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Design checker board lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear.  To all my very loyal and dear readers, my sincere apologies for not adding anything to the blog recently.  The season has definitely taken over control here in our Kensington, Maryland factory.

Pictured are some of the loudest and finest set of checker and hounds tooth lacrosse shorts I have ever seen.  They are on the way to the NBL Box Lacrosse league.  They are definitely a site for sore eyes or eyes that are about to be sore after seeing them I should say.

checker board lacrosse shorts
checker board lacrosse shorts


We are still always getting calls from people saying that they have seen cool designs on our blog or website but cannot seem to figure out how to make them on the designer.  The fact is that many of the lacrosse shorts, lacrosse pinnies and shooter shirts you see on the site are actually created by our in house artists and not directly available on the site.

So the point of my post is that if you have some cool idea or design but you cannot seem to figure it out on our designer tool, call us and we will get you in touch with one of our on site artists.  All of our gear is designed, printed, cut and sewn in house in our Maryland USA factory.  Team discounts and pricing are available.