Checker Board Jerseys

There is no better way to stand out on or off the field than in some custom Checker Board Jerseys from Lightning Wear.  

checker board jerseys
  checker board jerseys

Great work to our friends in West Seneca east for putting together these custom sublimated reversible jerseys.  Whether they are wearing them in North South East or west the team and its players will be best dressed for sure.  They found design 7 reversible jerseys with the silver accent and gold yellow checkers.  The logo that they uploaded was a little blurry with a white box outline on the designer tool.

Make Checker Board Jerseys

Create your own checker board jerseys for any sport.  If you need help with the design part of the order give us a jingle.  Not to worry.  Our staff of in house graffic artists was able to redraw this logo from scratch and place it on the center of the fronts of both sides.  Now on to the backs of the jerseys.  They added custom numbers in eight inch height to the backs of them.

This jersey was three to four colors at most.  But keep in mind you are not limited to any number of prints patterns colors or designs.  Sometimes I feel like a TV commercial when I am talking to customers.  There is no catch.  What you see if what you get.  Add any logos patterns designs or colors to your jersey shorts or shooter shirts.  No matter how many colors you want to get in there, it is all covered in the price that we quote you.  Make your jerseys online in minutes.