Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Monogrammed Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Check out these very cool monogrammed camouflage shooter shirts from Lightning Wear.

camouflage shooter shirts
camouflage shooter shirts

I actually designed these for my daughters because they were looking for cool camo gear for an end of school year party.  They wanted a cool monogram with their initials and some earth camo.  In all I think that these shirts really turned out great.  There are hundreds of different types of camouflage.  You can add any logo, pattern or design to our shirt patterns.

What you see is an actual digital file that we print on a wide format dye sublimation printer.  The printer uses special inks and paper that soak the moisture.  Then the printed roll of paper is taken over to our enormous calendar press.  On the press it goes.  It is married to moisture wicking fabric at a very high temperature.  This process is permanent so if there are any blemishes or mistakes in the print paper or print file, here is where you see it.  We can make up to 500 shirts per day.

After the ink is applied to the fabric, it is cut on a wide table with electric knives.  Then it is sewn together for the finished product.  There are five pieces on the standard custom shirts.