Camouflage Girls Lacrosse Uniforms

Purple Camouflage Girls Lacrosse Uniforms

It is definitely an honor to be able to outfit the girls from Holy Cross with these new camouflage girls lacrosse uniforms for their practice and winter games.  Their great coach wanted to make sure they looking cool and ready for action.  What better way to do so then to add a little camo fun.  The school’s ordinary purple colors were accented with some sleek grey camouflage side panels.  The jerseys were numbered for each player so they can be identified in practice.  I know that normally camouflage is used to shade, but these will make the girls from HC stand out like no other.  If you and your team are looking for some girls lacrosse uniform ideas, call us and we can design some ideas for you and the team or club.

camouflage girls lacrosse uniforms
camouflage girls lacrosse uniforms


Indoor Lacrosse

With the cold weather comes the beginning of the indoor season for most teams in the Washington DC area moving north.  Over the past ten years, there has been a huge increase in the number of field house and sports plex openings across the globe.  I remember when I played indoor, spaces were so limited that often times we would have to practice in high school gyms.  This usually ended up with someone getting hurt or a window or two needing replacement.  Now, there are bubbles and special spaces made with turf, life sized goals and fully lined fields.  If your team is able to pay for the fees associated with using the facilities, you will definitely see the benefits.   It is a great way to prepare your skills and team participation in the off season. The pace of the game is definitely faster.  This allows for you to polish your skills, perfect you speed and think quicker when on the transition.  Call us for your girls lacrosse uniforms and team shooter shirts need..