C2B Party Pinnies – C2B Racerback Pinnies

Pink C2B Party Pinnies

Its time to show off these C2B Party Pinnies C2B Racerback Pinnies made by Lightning Wear Apparel.  

c2b party pinnies
c2b party pinnies

The C2B crew designed and ordered neon green and pink racerback jerseys with a multicolor front.   It also had back imprint on both the green and pink sides.  They ordered mostly girls adult small and adult medium sizes.


Our racerbacks are said to be a longer more form fitting style than some of the cropped girls jerseys that our imposter competitors have been making.  We offer these in adult and kids sizes for girls.  You can add custom names and custom numbers on to the jersey and the placement can be anywhere near the perimeter of the jersey.




 Neon and Pink Racerback Pinnies – Asheville North Carolina Pinnies

C2B Definitely knows how to party in these gems. thanks for the order and Happy New Year to our pals in Asheville NC.