Buffalo New York Pinnies – Custom Lax Pinnies

Custom Buffalo New York Pinnies

Custom Lax Pinnies

Here goes some solid Buffalo New York Pinnies to a great and patriotic team in Buffalo New York.

buffalo new york pinnies
buffalo new york pinnies

Made in the USA proudly.  Thanks for the order!!!  If these are not the sharpest looking set of American flag pinnies I have seen, I do not know what is.  These ladies and gents went with the lacrosse pinnie cut with America all over it.  The white side had a cool athletic gold buffalo on the front.  On the back the numbers and a top flag on the neck.  On the inside they went with the clean and crisp American flag.  Seeing this makes me want to sing the national anthem.  If you are looking for custom pinnies for any occasion, give the online designer tool a try.