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Boys lacrosse team shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Earlier in the month I posted the cool set of Silver Spring Warriors sublimated lacrosse pinnies on our Lightning Wear facebook page.  The Team falls pretty close  to home here in Montgomery County Maryland.  We love how the faded logo of the team blended in with the black short color. As well, the giant team logo stood out well.

boys lacrosse team shorts
boys lacrosse team shorts

The bottoms come in adult and children or youth sizes.  We have a 2.4 inch elastic drawcord waistband that helps keep your drawers up during heavy lacrosse play.  The Warriors usually field about 400 kids between their youth and high school programs.  We are happy to be a part of such a great group of leaders.  We look forward to seeing their teams grow and prosper.

I recommend that if you are adding a big logo to the side, make sure that your design can handle the gap of a pocket if you decide to have them in your lax shorts.  With dye sublimation, the possiblities for logo placement patters, and special watermark and shadow prints is truly endless. We are open seven days a  Call us for your team lacrosse uniform needs.