Boys Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Create Boys Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Boys Custom Lacrosse Uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Just finished up an earlier meeting with a bunch from the Admirals Cup in Fells Point Maryland. Thanks for visiting our Kensington, Maryland facility and seeing how we do things.  Our unique manufacturing process of sublimated lacrosse uniforms  We look forward to outfitting your teams for the upcoming season. Have fun at the Ravens game tonight. We manufacture sublimated shorts and sublimated shooter shirts for youth an adult teams.

Boys Custom Lacrosse Uniforms
Boys Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Youth Lacrosse Uniforms

Youth lacrosse uniforms are available from Lightning Wear® in any style pattern or color.  The ones pictured above were originally drawn for us by the customer.  With some slight tweaks and changes we came up with this incredible design.  The reversible jerseys were royal blue reversing to white.  They had yellow numbers on the front and back of the jerseys.  The team chose a funky and new font that really popped out on both the blue and the white sides.

The lacrosse shorts were also royal blue and white.  We added a neat anchor repeat pattern to the side panels.  Then we put a big anchor on the light blue side panels.  The logo fit nicely on the left leg.  In all, the sublimated shorts really turned out great for the boys.

The shooter shirts were white with yellow, light blue and royal blue accents as well.  The boys wanted the front logo and side panels with repeating anchor patterns as well.  They added personalized names on the back of the shirts to show off the skills.  The yellow collar on these really made the shirts standout.  The front bottom blue numbers show that you can put your images where ever you want.

The custom lacrosse uniforms three piece set you see pictured above can be purchased in the full set for under ninety dollars.  If you have a big enough club, you may be able to get a discount.  Call us today for the boys lacrosse uniforms specials.