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Check out these boys basketball jerseys going to the G&G team in Montgomery County Maryland.  

boys basketball jerseys
boys basketball jerseys

The boys wanted a red set of basketball uniforms that would make them stand out in their summer league that started in June.  They added a funky side print on the panels and top of the jerseys.  On the back and front of the jerseys they added team player numbers.  The basketball pinnies that they chose were a collegiate style wider shoulder with shorter arm holes.  They are a more form fitting jersey with breathable moisture wicking fabric and double hem seams.

For around $30 you can outfit your team with custom jerseys that will be the envy of the summer league.  First, we send a proof of the design for your custom reversibles.  Once approved, it is time to get to work.  We prepare digital files based on the initial approved rendition.  Then it is sent to a wide format printer.  Special dye sublimation inks and paper are used to create a life sized pattern of the jerseys.  This particular team had a combination of adult and youth sizes in their order.  The jerseys are all printed on that roll of special transfer paper.  Next it is off to the presses.

Dye Sublimation Press

The roll of printed paper is then brought over to our enormous dye sublimation press.  Picture a huge oven with a roller and belt and thats what we have.  The paper is married to a roll of mositure ready fabric at a high temp.  Normally we spit out about 1000 jerseys per day depending on the season.  The fabric now has the transfer of ink on it.  All of the fabric is brought over to some very large cutting tables.  Special electric knives are used to cut the patterns of the jerseys into individual pieces.  There are four pieces to most reversible jerseys.  All pieces are counted and sent to our sewing section for final assemble.  The jerseys are sewn and then counted again.  Finally they are shipped to you for hard wear and tear.


Lightning Wear is one of the few USA based manufacturers of custom basketball uniforms that actually assembles all of our garments in our factory.  A lot of the guys that you see on the internet are resellers or they buy from overseas manufacturers.  Our competitive advantage is that we can produce your garments must faster.  As well, if you have an add on of players or a player loses, we are there to help.  We keep all designs and patterns in our location.  This means there is no delay if add ons are needed.

Call us today for your boys basketball jerseys or team uniforms needs.  We are here seven days a week during our busy seasons to help   Our team of ballers can be reached at 888-438-7875 with any team or order questions.  Thanks for reading this post.


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