Black Gold Checker Board Shorts

Lacrosse Black Gold Checker Board Shorts

Create your own Black Gold Checker Board Shorts from Lightning Wear.  

black gold checker board shorts
black gold checker board shorts

The look of these custom checkerboard shorts never gets old.  Keep in mind that on our site, you can design any type of checker short or pattern you can think of.  In the grand scheme of things the team that ordered these kept the look pretty basic.  People are always surprised when you tell them that you can add any design pattern number text or logo to any part of the design.  The kicker is that there is no upcharge or fee for adding additional colors logos or custom patterns.  Our shorts come in adult and kids sizes.  As well you can get custom pockets made without any additional cost or up charge either.

Substitute Colors for Lacrosse Shorts

For Checker shorts, you can substitute any two colors on them in any color you can think of.  Our shorts have a four stitch elastic waistband with a durable drawstring.  I have seen just about every type of design fade camo or animal print short that you can think of.

If you have a design in mind, give us a call and our artist can help you create the eye catching and incredible look you crave.  Our normal production time is about three to four weeks from the time your order is processed and paid for.  Again if you are in a hurry we do offer rush services.  I suggest that you call us and let us know of your requested delivery date.  We will work hard to produce and ship your order as fast as humanly possible.  As I told a customer yesterday, there is some time required to design and print your order.  They are not hatched like an egg unfortunately.

Team uniforms, custom shirts and spirit wear are our specialty.  We can offer special bulk discounts for large teams or organizations.  Thanks for reading my post on black gold checker board shorts.