Beastly Hornets Pinnies

Pink Beastly Hornets Pinnies

Pink and Green Pinnies – Soccer Pinnies

Check out these Beastly Hornets Pinnies heading north from Lightning Wear.  They were made to order using screen printed logos and numbers.

beastly hornets pinnies
beastly hornets pinnies

No one is going to mess with the Beastly Hornet Soccer Team in these pink and green soccer pinnies. They are on the way to our pals in Mansfield Massachusetts. Have a great fall season! The team designed these using our soccer pinnies builder online.  In talking with this customer, I have to say that they were some of the nicest people on earth.  The called to follow up on the order and let us know when they needed them.

We strongly recommend that if there is a due date that you have in mind for your order, please let us know as soon as the order is placed.  Our site gets up to fifty orders a day.  We try to keep everyone happy and deliver within a reasonable amount of time for custom orders.  But please do not call us and tell us the day that you bought it you need it tomorrow.  It unfortunately does not work quite that way.  My famous line is these are not hatched like an egg.  We cut and sew all of our garments.  Depending on the time of the season there may be a three week wait on your gear.  So please plan ahead.