Bar Mitzvah Lacrosse Pinnies

Customize Bar Mitzvah Lacrosse Pinnies

Create your own Bar mitzvah lacrosse pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  What better way can you think of then celebrating you big day than with a custom set of bar mitzvah lacrosse pinnies from us? We are the leading manufacturer of custom lacrosse pinnies and reversible jerseys. The trend started four or five years back when we first launched our custom design site for reversible jersey.  Since then, the designs and ideas keep getting better and so do our customers.

bar mitzvah lacrosse pinnies
bar mitzvah lacrosse pinnies









Sublimated Reversible Jerseys

What you see pictured is a dye sublimated lacrosse reversible.  In comparison to most sublimated jerseys, this is on the plain side, but we love it because that is how our customer wanted it.  With this option, you can add prints, patterns, lines, shapes, pictures or whatever you think would look cool.  We have on staff artists that can help you with whatever idea or pattern you are looking for.  Call us with your bar mitzvah party favor ideas.

Great Quality and the Right Price!

There are a lot of resellers and planners that have taken our idea and outsourced it to overseas manufacturers. Some impostor sites have even stolen our designs and passed them off as their own.  My mom always said that imitation was the biggest form of flattery.    We are glad to say that we know our product is much better and made to last.  Our material, construction and print is far superior and priced the same or similar.  We will match or beat just about any reasonable offer, so decide to go with quality when you make your party purchase.