Athletic Gold Lacrosse Shorts

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Athletic gold lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear Apparel.  

athletic gold lacrosse shorts
athletic gold lacrosse shorts

The Rockets from the windy city of Chicago will be playing in style this weekend in their custom shooter shirts and athletic gold lax shorts.  The team designed their lacrosse uniforms on our online designer and added the side blue camouflage accent.  They added team logos and numbers on the shorts and shirts. Each player had their jerseys personalized with a nickname as well.  A lot of teams choose shooting shirts as their game jersey.  The only thing that is bad about it is that because it is not a reversible shirt, they may face another team with a similar color.

Considering this team chose athletic gold, I think they will be fine.  Their coach said that they were playing in a winter indoor league.  They wanted to look sharp and in these uniforms they definitely will.  Keep in mind when you are designing on our site that you are not limited to the patterns and designs shown.  We have a pattern generator on the site, or if you need something that is not shown, you can call or write us and one of our artists can help you design a cool uniform while staying within the teams budget.

I can always remember my first pair of lacrosse shorts.  I bought them at a store called Coaches up in Olney Maryland back in the late eighties.  They were a pair of Syracuse shorts with a side striped ribbon and definitely on the low cut side when compared to todays fashion.  If you look at old lacrosse pics, you can see that that definitely was the style back then.  When I played actual organized lacrosse, the school gave us jerseys for home and away but the lacrosse shorts were up to us to purchase.  Now, kids are young as preschool are being outfitted in some of the coolest and most original designs for lacrosse shorts, shooters and uniforms ever.  Call us for your team or league prices.