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Argyle Lax Shorts

Argyle Lacrosse Shorts made by Lightning Wear®.   Design Argyle Lax Shorts with any color pattern or style.  Here goes some sick argyle shorts to our friends in Hotlanta. Lightning Wear  Lacrosse Pinnies now does full die sublimation of shorts and pinnies in our Kensington factory. We worked directly with the head of the booster club for the Clemson lacrosse team.  We manufactured these very stylish sublimated argyle shorts with the Clemson paw.  The side panels have the Clemson and lacrosse prints on each hip.  The booster ended up purchasing about two dozen of each size in adult and kids sizes.

argyle lacrosse shorts
argyle lacrosse shorts

Please keep in mind that we can definitely help you with your fundraising and booster needs.  We have customers that have raised ten to twenty thousand dollars for one event.  That being said, you may be entitled to vendor pricing or discounts depending on the circumstance.

The shorts are made using our Lit Fit polyester moisture wicking material with dye sublimation protection.  This means that you will never have to worry about the dye fading or peeling away on the garment.  The inseams are nine inches on these shorts.  The waistband is elastic with a durable drawstring and double hem.  The booster chose pockets for these shorts for the youth and the adult pair as well.

As you can see from the picture, the possibilities for color and design are endless.  You can cover the full portion of the shorts with whatever pattern design or style that you can think of.  You can easily contact our in house artists for your graphic needs. Our normal turn time is about 3-4 weeks depending on the season.  If you are looking for argyle lacrosse shorts in any color, please give us a call.