American Made Shorts Lacrosse

 Custom American Made Shorts Lacrosse

American Made Shorts Lacrosse from Lightning Wear.  LW is taking America by Storm with our custom lacrosse shorts and team uniforms.  Here goes some Storm sublimated shorts for some laxers in Georgia.  Thanks for the very cool looking order and for your business.  All of our custom shorts, custom pinnies and custom shooter shirts are made in Kensington, Maryland USA.

american made shorts lacrosse
american made shorts lacrosse

Often times we get contacted from other vendors looking to beat us down on price because their current manufacturer in an overseas place can get them made cheaper.  We can agree that we are definitely not the cheapest manufacturer of custom uniforms in the world.  What sets us apart is that you are working with a company you can speak to, work with and design with.  We have a location that you can find on a map, and we know the sport that you or your child are playing.

Lacrosse Shorts Sizing

American made lacrosse shorts are created with American patterns, not overseas.  A few years back we had a fly by night company make it big in Dicks Sporting goods.  We had a bunch of calls from parents saying that our sizes were off because they did not match the brand that their son had been wearing.  But what they didnt know was that brands sizing patterns were based off of overseas sizing.  What did this mean? It meant that the patterns that the overseas manufacturer used were for thin and out of ordinary sizing.  Normally, a twelve year old boy should not be wearing youth extra small sizing.    That company has since fallen to the waist side.  So if you have a sizing question or are unsure about what size your son or daughter should wear, give us a call and we can help,


We understand trends, colors, patterns and fits.  More importantly, because some of us are parents with our children on teams, we understand what deadlines and tight budgets are.  Lightning Wear wants your team coming back to us year after year.  We like when you tell others about the great lacrosse shorts that you received from us.  We demand to be the one that you call when your son or daughters basketball team is also looking for basketball uniforms.  Indeed, referrals are our biggest form of compliment.  Please let us know how we can make your next purchase of team apparel extraordinary.