American Flag Basketball Jerseys

Sublimated American Flag Basketball Jerseys

American Flag Basketball Jerseys by Lightning Wear.  Washington D3 will be looking so so fly in these custom Amerian flag basketball jersey from Lightning Wear®.  The team liked the idea of the USA flag so much that they even chose to use it on the inner side of the jersey.  These dye sublimated basketball jerseys have custom names and numbers that show off some of the teams great all stars.  Made to order in Maryland USA.

American flag basketball jerseys
American flag basketball jerseys



Basketball Jerseys and Basketball Shorts

When I see these uniforms it reminds me of my days as a kid going to the Capital center in Landover Maryland with my dad and brothers to see the great Harlem Globetrotters.  They always had the funkiest most patriotic basketball jerseys and basketball shorts.  The old Capital Center used to look like a pringle potato chip and was visible from the beltway in the DC Maryland area.  The place has since been demolished but the memories of the Bullets, WWF wrestling, concerts, The Capitals and the Globetrotters will always remain a great memory.