3 Piece Lacrosse Uniforms

3 Piece Lacrosse Uniforms

The Wildcats lacrosse team in Seattle Washington will be getting a taste of these very classy 3 piece lacrosse uniforms.  They went with a hounds tooth gray and black pattern with red accents.  Then they placed the side logos on both the custom reversible jerseys and shooting shirts. The custom lacrosse shorts have the side panels in hounds tooth along with front numbers.  As well they added the AMHS front logo with the cool cross.  If you are wondering about how these are actually made, you should check out some of our other posts about sublimated lacrosse uniforms.  Believe it or not, our shorts, shirts and reversibles start from complete scratch.

3 piece lacrosse uniforms
3 piece lacrosse uniforms

For instance, the shorts look like they are just a black fabric sewn together with a separate side panel with hounds tooth.  Really, the fabric is not.  It starts out as a white piece of fabric.  The pattern, prints and logos are dyed directly in to the pattern. This same process happens for our reversible jerseys shooter shirts and our sublimated sweat suits.

How Long Does it Take To Produce Lacrosse Uniforms

You may wonder how long it actually takes manufacturing a garment or lacrosse uniforms  from start to finish.  Each shirt takes about two minutes to print on our sublimation printers.  Then it takes about a minute on the heat transfer press.  Add another two minutes for it to be cut then another two for sewing. Whether you are looking for practice jerseys or full custom team uniforms, sublimated lacrosse uniforms are definitely the way to go. Also, the uniforms we make can be done for any sport.  This means that if you have a basketball team or soccer team that wants some cool uniforms, we can outfit them at a price that doesnt break the piggy bank.  Call us today for your 3 piece lacrosse uniforms or sports uniforms.

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